SAP Part 3 – Create and Monitoring User

Dear All,

Now, as per my promise, we’ll show to you, how to create user and monitoring they do.

Just it simply.

1. Create User

Login as SAP* or user has been assigned SAP_ALL profile like shown below :


And, after logon to system, find out to create user using t-code SU01 or select from menu tree at : Tools -> Administration -> User Maintenance -> Users, shown like below :


And then type the name at the User fields, and push F8 to create the users, show like below :


After pushing F8 or creating new user, the dialog will shown like this :


Input the Last name (required) and other information at this screens.

Go to Logon data tab, and type the initial password twice. This initial password should be change at first login. Because we trying for create user with full access, type SUPER at User Group for Authorization Object, shown below :


And the go to profile tab, and fill the profile with SAP_ALL and push enter, shown like below :


After all required data has been filled, push save and the screen you may see like this :


2. Users Monitoring

As the super user or user with full priviledges, you may see who’s users login and what they do in our system.

You may use SM04 – Users Overview or using tree menu at : Tools -> Administration -> Monitor -> System Monitoring -> User Overview. Using that t-code will shown like below :


In this sample we shown 2 users online at our system with they transaction code do, and then what they do at our system, just double clicked it at the user online, will shown like this :


That’s all falks for user create and monitoring… Have fun ..


SAP Navigation Part 1 – System Connection Entry

Dear all,

For our friends that didn’t know the SAP software is …

Now, we put some simple SAP screen-shot with short descriptions …

before you can login to SAP server, in this example we using IDES, you should create the shortcut logon in SAP GUI with click New Item button on SAP Logon GUI


After that, the system will show New System Entry like this :


In this entry, you may click new button to create new connection entry system, after click next button, the dialog will show next entry like this :


In this dialog, you have to input 4 fields to describe and connect to SAP server.

1. Descriptions: this make you easy view on the Logon GUI dialog.
2. Application server: fill this field with application server IP address or hostname, if not sure, ask to your administrator or SAP BASIS to know this application entry point address.
3. System number: fill this field with system number of SAP server, if not sure, ask to your administrator or SAP BASIS to know this installed system number.
4. System ID: fill this field with system ID of SAP server, again, if not sure, ask to your SAP administrator or SAP BASIS to know this System ID.

Don’t forget, Choose connection type with : Custom Application Server.

After fill all required fields, click next button to next options dialog, like this :


Netwotk settings for this connection, if you use the secure netwok communication, you should check mark this fields, and fill required SNC name and options.

Also, choose the network setting speeds, for best performance or on Local Network, choose High Speed Connection (LAN), even in actual we use High Speed Connection (LAN) in WAN connections, 512Mbps is enough to use this HS connection, but in my network we use E1 thats mean using 2048Kbps or 2Mbps. :mrgreen: fast enough …

After complete, and change click next button to choose the Language and Upload/Download settings, and click Finish, shown like below :


And system will create entry system connetion shown like this :


Now, you may logon using that system connection.

Next post we will show you the Navigation of SAP GUI.